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The Dodge Boat Owners Association Classifieds page is the place to find those rare Dodge parts and other Dodge ephemera. Check back here often for the latest offerings. If you have any Dodge items you wish to submit for consideration, please send an email to with details and photos. No commercial advertisements or links will be considered.

David Triano and renowned automotive broker David Clark are now representing the world’s finest and most rare antique boats over at At this location you will find some very special Dodge Boats for sale, and Dodge owners can contact us to discuss presentation of their own boat in that venue.


Ken Gore has a replica casting of the Detroit Dodge windshield base (the 53” wide version) and a beautiful replica bow light with lenses and bulb socket available. Please contact him at if you are interested.
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Paul Kleppert has a supply of Lycoming UAB parts available, such as an early crankshaft with the Owens ‘Dyneto’ armature attached, 5 cylinder heads, 4 Joe's reverse gears, and a nice fuel tank for a Dodge 16A. He also has a complete UAC engine with reverse gear for a Dodge Utility, contact Paul directly with your interest at