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Episode 11 - Video update, Transom Talk

In this quick video I take you through the creation of two transoms for the Dodge 16A racers -

Transom Talk

Episode 10 - Video update, Bottom Removal on the Dodge Twin 16A Racers!

The bottoms are off on the Dodge 16A racers, join me on YouTube for a quick tour through both boats! It’s a pleasure to work on both of these boats at the same time, I am able to observe, compare, and progress on both of them in a very unique manner, and I am happy you can join me- here is the link:

Bottom removal

Episode 9 - An exciting new project!

The Triano Marine Design shop currently has 4 Dodge Boats in the shop, and I have made a brief video in which I discuss my plans for two of these very special boats - This is a discussion that you won’t want to miss, it’s going to be a spectacular year for Dodge Boats!

Click here to view the video on YouTube


Episode 8 - The DBOA for 2015, and Dodge-specific varnish techniques

It has been six months, and you’ve probably wondered where I have been.... join Dave in this discussion to find out what he has been up to!
So happy you’ve chosen to listen in, what a year 2015 is going to be---

Episode 8 - The DBOA for 2015, and Dodge-specific varnish techniques

Episode 7 - An interview with Steve Martini, Dodge Boat Owner

How about a guy and his family who own 6 Dodge Boats! Join us for a great discussion with my friend Steve Martini, on the passion of dodge Boat ownership--

Episode 7 - An Interview with Steve Martini